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Top 3 Shopping Malls in Mumtaz City

August 4, 2022
Top 3 Shopping Malls in Mumtaz City

Mumtaz City is surrounded by a stunning natural landscape and is strategically located within 3 minutes of the M1 & M2 motorway junctions. If you are a nature lover, Mumtaz City is the perfect place for you.

During the construction of this unique housing complex, the developers filled the city with splendor at every corner. All modern facilities & amenities are available to the residents of the society. Also, its unbeatable location offers the highest living standards, luxury services, and a lifestyle that is on par with international standards.

Top 3 Shopping Malls in Mumtaz City
Top 3 Shopping Malls in Mumtaz City

Luxurious Shopping Malls in Mumtaz City

In addition to offering an upscale lifestyle, Mumtaz City is also home to a unique mix of shopping malls that fulfill all your shopping needs in style.

Zam Zam Heights II

Komrat Buildings, after its success in Zam Zam Heights, decided to introduce a similar project Zam Zam Heights 2, in Mumtaz City, Islamabad. The project boasts a range of amenities with several brand shops, apartments, and offices within a mixed-use building. As the commercial center of Mumtaz City, which itself is located in the ideal location in Islamabad, Zam Zam Heights II is just a short walk away from Kashmir Highway.

J7 Global

If you want to witness luxury at the most affordable price range, J7 Global is a perfect example of that. With its cutting-edge, automated services, 2 levels of smart parking, and cutting-edge facilities, J7 Group’s mall looks to the future. At J7 Global, you can take advantage of unlimited modern amenities, such as state-of-the-art architecture, high-quality finishes, and lifetime after-sales support.

BMIT Corner

Located in Islamabad City’s Mumtaz City, BMIT Corner is one of the best shopping centers in the area. It boasts a serene setting only a few steps from Kashmir Highway. The complex provides all your commercial needs in one location, combining offices and shops in a single facility that can be customized for your needs.

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