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Welcome to the rapidly growing real estate company, Multiply Associates. Our expert team has completed many renowned projects with high excellence while helping many housing societies for marketing purposes.

Who We Are

Multiply Associates is a real estate marketing and investment consulting company offering real estate services in Capital City.

We firmly believe in providing the best results for our devoted and valued customers, who stick with us due to our commitment, transparency, and integrity. We offer our dear customers the best residential and commercial opportunities that promise premier real estate investment returns, thanks to our extensive network of real estate marketing specialists across Islamabad and Lahore. We are committed to maintaining professionalism and real estate practice standards. Our commitment to being a reputable real estate firm in the Twin Cities and, eventually, Pakistan is our top priority. We ensure your money is as safe as possible while assisting you in making a sizable return on investment. Your investment will be secure with us, and there will be a greater likelihood that it will yield excellent profits. By working with Multiply Associates, you can be sure that you'll receive the best customer service possible, go above and beyond your expectations, and get the house of your dreams.


Mr. Sarosh Shabbir

We are working to improve the perception of the Pakistani real estate sector under the banner of Multiply Associates by offering our cherished clients next-level honest opinions, best practices, and tailored solutions. Our clients, who are at the center of our successes—from exceptional real estate offerings to buyers looking for outstanding investment opportunities—remain our top priority. I urge all companies to participate in the “Multiply experience” and to enjoy the professionalism you are due as a real estate client. This goes for both buyers and sellers. We will guide you through and present all the available projects with the best locations, prices, and payment options so that you will make the best decision for your home or investment. In addition, our property experts are equipped with a strong sales background on ready and off-plan projects.
We will make every effort to give you the best solutions!

Our Vision

Our goal is to raise the standard for the real estate industry while making our firm the top choice for investors and sellers in the capital city and across the country.

Our Mission

Multiply Associates hope to modernize and enhance the experience of marketing real estate properties by promoting a culture of cooperation and integrity.

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Our Offices

We at Multiply Associates operate as a cohesive team to serve our clients wherever they are. We provide our clients with access to our collective knowledge, experience, and global network through offices at various locations.

Head Office :

Office # 25, Al Hameed Mall, First Floor،G-11 Markaz,Islamabad.

Site Office :

Ground Floor,BMIT Corner,Main Civic Centre Roundabout,Mumtaz City.

Site Office :

Next to Azee Height, Main Kashmir Highway, TopCity-1,Islamabad.

Our Team

We are a trusted real estate network with excellent investment opportunities. Although we are committed to doing a good job, our ability to be trusted comes first. The truth, reality, and joy of lifestyle are all brought together by multiply associates to create a remarkable and joyful experience.

Senior Sales Executive

Muhammad Gulfam

Manager Outdoor

Shahid Imran


Adnan Imran

Sales Executive

Shakaib Ul Islam

Administrative Assitant


Managing Director


Multiply Associates offers a broad range of residential and commercial properties. We provide top-rated real estate programs by utilizing comprehensive and cutting-edge technology according to clients’ needs.

You can invest and benefit from this market’s potential for great profit through Multiple Associates. So if you’re interested in commercial real estate, think about multiple associates for profitable returns.

Aside from the fact that you can earn rental income each month, rental properties also have the potential to double your investment over time and appreciate value quickly.

Investing in any commercial or residential property that must be licensed and genuine, such as Multiply Associates, can secure your investment and produce better leads shortly.

Making investments in rental properties is one way to generate passive income. For example, real estate can produce passive income by leasing the property and receiving a monthly rental payment.

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