Top City

Top City Islamabad

Residential Apartment

600 sqft Flats – 600 sqft Flats

PKR 36 lac – PKR 36 lac


Starting From

PKR 55 lac


Starting From

PKR 22 lac

Commercial Plots

280 sqft Plots – 1000 sqyd Plots

PKR 47.5 lac – PKR 12 crore

TopCity-1 is a project that from its very beginning was a dream to deliver you the best, which could comply with all the future challenges and modern lifestyle. The actual development of the project commenced in 2012 and by the grace of Allah Almighty it is now heading for its climax. This housing project promises to be the most reliable, luxurious and wonderful product a Pakistani could afford. The trend of luxury and modern lifestyle has really killed the earth without kindness but TopCity-1 among all the other contemporary housing schemes is the only one where luxury and eco friendly environment go hand in hand. The new extension to Islamabad, TopCity-1, is an elegantly planned housing scheme unlike anything witnessed before. It is an exclusive housing society that provides you all you have ever dreamed for. It is not just a place it is a city within a city that promises to deliver you the best housing option and in this regard TopCity-1 shall spend the maximum resources, skills and expanses to maintain the unprecedented development and dedicated management.

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